Club Officers

Club Officers’ Roles & Responsibilities

The officers of Ashbourne Archers are currently assigned as per the table below, with the roles and responsibilities of each role described thereafter.


Chair Andrea Norton
Secretary Kirstin Heinrich-Lynch
Treasurer Karen Murphy
PRO Sarah Brady
Coaching Coordinator Declan Brady
Equipment Officer Declan Brady
Designated Person Karen Murphy 
Designated Person Steve Sulsh
Line Manager Adrian Sims

*             Role is mandatory under the rules of Archery Ireland
**           Role is not mandatory under AI rules but completion of specific training is a requirement
***        In addition to being a mandatory role, completion of specific training is also a requirement


The Chair is responsible for the ultimate achievement of the strategic ambitions of the club, as well as the overall management of its operational activities.


  • Chair meetings and act as senior club officer, by making decisions whenever the need arises, in consultation with other club officers when appropriate
  • Attend meetings in a neutral and uncommitted capacity and enable the group to have a meaningful discussion with a neutral person in the chair
  • Provide direction for the club by effective leadership and management
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress of agreed actions – both short term and strategic
  • Ensure that succession and forward planning are integral and ongoing in the club
  • Constitute any special working groups and ensure their activities are reported to the management committee
  • Manage the other club officer to ensure the delivery of their responsibilities
  • Ensure that the club structure and responsibilities are transparent and available to the membership
  • The chair must work in close liaison with the management committee, club secretary and treasurer
  • Act as mediator in the event that disagreements arise between sub committees or members
  • Ensure the safety statement is reviewed regularly and its operation monitored
  • To be the central person involved with the strategic planning of the club and monitor the plans progress through the year


The secretary manages, processes and maintains a record of all incoming and outgoing correspondence and club documents. In addition, he/she records the deliberations and decisions of the club committee.  The Secretary is also responsible for the processing of membership applications and associated fees and for liaising with Archery Ireland on same.


  • Day to day business and administration of the club
  • Maintain an up-to-date database of all club members
  • Manage and ensure action on club correspondence including legal and insurance matters
  • Organise AGM, management committee and club meetings
  • Accurate record keeping and circulation of minutes from meetings
  • Record and deal with disciplinary matters
  • Ensure all relevant forms and documents are with the responsible club officers and make the system available to all members
  • Attend all meetings as required by the management committee
  • Ensure the safety statement is circulated to the appropriate personal and is widely available in the club
  • Maintain a club calendar, listing all club activities and ensure it is available to members
  • Collect all membership forms and fees and hand over fees immediately to the club Treasurer
  • Forward membership forms to Archery Ireland, with the appropriate fees and liaise with AI on their processing and issuing of membership cards
  • Have a full knowledge and understanding of the club and AI fees and structures
  • Keep all member information private and confidential and only use the information to contact the members with official club business


Chief financial manager of the club – maintains the integrity and accurate recording of the club’s financial position.


  • Be responsible for the management of the club finances in accordance with the decisions of the management committee
  • Recommend actions on financial matters to the committee
  • Collect subscriptions and all money due to the club on a nightly and ongoing basis
  • Pay fees and bills on behalf of the club and keep record of the transactions
  • Keep up-to-date records of all financial transactions
  • Ensure all cash and cheques are promptly lodged to club’s accounts
  • Prepare and present accounts for the end of year report
  • Financial Planning, including producing an annual budget and monitoring it

Coaching Coordinator**

The Coaching Coordinator is responsible for planning coaching schemes for the club that ensure that all archers have access to a coach. The Coaching Coordinator ensures that coaching courses are run and that coaches have the opportunity for development, both within their current grade and to higher grades. The Coaching Coordinator organises for help from outside the club when required for the furtherance of development of coaching or individual archers.


  • Collating and maintaining the Ashbourne Archers Coaching Manual
  • Scheduling the timetable of the coaches for the introductory to archery courses
  • Ensuring all training equipment is accounted for at the beginning and end of each training session
  • Ensuring that requests for training equipment is given to the Equipment Officer with adequate time before the commencing each new course
  • Keeps a record of how many deposits we have received for each course and ensures that the PRO knows how many places are left on each course so that the PRO can work to fill all courses
  • Maintain records of all members on the beginners’ course and that each member completes the modules within 8 weeks so that they can be awarded their certification
  • Looks beyond the introductory to coaching coarse and identifies / schedules training courses for members who have completed their introductory course
  • Ensures that Archery Ireland are advised of the date, time & location of all have a go sessions and ensures that insurance cover is in place for these sessions

Athlete Protection Officer***

The role of the Athlete Protection Officer (APO) (sometimes referred to as ‘Children’s Officer) is to ensure the interest of the child or athlete is at the forefront. The person in this role is responsible for ensuring the welfare and interests of the athletes or children are being met, above all else. This may cause conflict with the committee or coaches but it is a role that is important to ensure equality and fairness across the board.


  • Complete the required training
  • To ensure those who may be vulnerable are protected
  • Act in the best interest of juniors and vulnerable adults in the club
  • Have completed the children’s officer training course run by the sports council
  • Be fully familiar with the provisions of the code and policy and with such further information which may be required by the IAAA or sports council
  • Communicate with the NCO of the IAAA and the sports council representative through the local sports partnership
  • Inform the club of requirements made by the IAAA or sports council
  • Ensure they are in a position to respond accurately and promptly to queries as to the welfare of juniors and vulnerable adults in the club

Designated Person***

The Designated Person is responsible for the reporting of alleged incidents of abuse or neglect. The appointed person can sit in the background but if the need ever arose the APO would forward the consent to TULSA for investigation.


  • Have knowledge of the Code of Ethics and statutory guidelines
  • Have a knowledge of categories and indicators of abuse
  • Undertake training in relation to child protection
  • Be familiar with and able to carry out reporting procedures as outlined in Section 5.12 – 5.19
  • of this Code
  • Communicate with parents and/or agencies as appropriate
  • Assist with the ongoing development and implementation of the organisation’s child protection training needs
  • Liaise with the National APO of Archery Ireland in relation to child protection training needs
  • Be aware of local contacts and services in relation to child protection, i.e. principal and duty social
  • workers and their contacts
  • To inform local duty social worker in the Health Services Executive Local Area Board / local Social Services and/or An Garda Síochána of relevant concerns about individual children, using the Standard Reporting Form. Keep a copy of this form and ensure acknowledgement of receipt of this form
  • Report persistent poor practice to the National Designated Person
  • Advise club administrators on issues of confidentiality, record keeping and data protection

Line Manager***

The Line Manager administers Garda vetting of all adult members of the club.


  • Complete Garda vetting officer training and should also complete the basic awareness course
  • Be very familiar with all of the club policies and also with the overall management and workings of the club
  • It is part of the role to provide information and support in relation to Garda vetting to members of the club who may require it
  • Ensure all adult members of the club complete Garda vetting

Public Relations Officer (PRO)

The PRO use all forms of media and communication to build, maintain and manage the reputation of the club.


  • Advertising the club to the public through whatever media that they can use
  • Researching, writing and distributing press releases to targeted media
  • Work in conjunction with the management committee to plan, develop and implement PR strategies
  • writing and editing in-house newsletters, articles and annual reports
  • Sourcing and managing sponsorship opportunities
  • Organising events including fairs, exhibitions, open days and inviting the press to all events
  • Fostering community relations through events such as open days and through involvement in community initiatives
  • Preparing and supervising the production of publicity brochures, handouts, direct mail leaflets, promotional videos, photographs, films and multimedia programmes

Equipment Officer

The Equipment Officer will ensure the upkeep of club equipment as well as sourcing and purchasing the most cost effective equipment for the club.


  • Maintain an inventory of all the club equipment, including its condition and whereabouts
  • Submit a stocktake of club equipment to the management committee every 3 months
  • Source and purchase club equipment at the most cost-effective supplier
  • Organise quotes for all large expenditures over €500 and submit these to the management committee for approval before purchasing
  • Work closely with the treasurer to ensure they are working within budget and to organise payment for equipment

Vice Chair

The Vice Chair assists the Chair in fulfilling the role and stands in for the Chair when s/he is absent from proceedings.

Assistant Treasurer

The Assistant Treasurer assists the Treasurer in fulfilling the role and stands in for the Treasurer when s/he is absent from proceedings.

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